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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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ultimately, our undying allegiance is to the city and county in terms of local government and the resources that are here. to that effect, let me thank the budget chair here on the board of supervisors. john avalos, who was a nay vote initially because it appeared that it was going to cost the city too much and also a very heartfelt thanks to the team of harvey rose and associates. specifically fred russo. thank you for your work on this. thank you for actually looking at the numbers and getting us the information that we needed to make an informed decision. i think court staff was able to pick up on that and come forward with a proposal that not only works in terms of the city's treasury, but i think it also is
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going to work better for the port of san francisco and forwarding an effort that has been going on since i first arrived here to deliver a cruise ship terminal. it is more responsible in terms of the long-term use of our pork property. i think that if it's much better in the area that we have had supervisor campos do a lot of work and in the past three years in terms of making sure the process is fair -- i think that'd it's much better in the area that we have had supervisor campos do a lot of work in in the past three years in terms of making sure the process is fair. with that said, we have one more amendment to propose. that is i need to borrow the cop on january 5 -- barbie -- borrow
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the cup on january 5. if that could be accommodated, i would appreciate that. commissioner chiu: colleagues, with that, if we could now move to a roll call vote. >> on item 53, alioto-pier aye. avalos aye. campos aye. chiu aye. chu aye. daly aye. dufty aye. elsbernd aye. mar aye. maxwell aye. mirkarimi aye. there are 11 ayes. commissioner chiu: this resolution is adopted. [applause] colleagues, why don't we go back to item 19? >> item 19 is an ordinance
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amending the public works code relating to regulations of freestanding and fixed pedicel news racks -- pedestal news racks. commissioner chiu: can we take this item same house, same call, or do we need a roll-call vote? roll-call vote please. >> on item alioto-pier 19- aye. -- on item 19, alioto-pier aye. avalos aye. campos aye. chiu aye chu aye aye -- chiu aye. chu aye. daly no. dufty aye elsbernd aye aye. there are 10 ayes and one no. item 20, ordinance of and in the
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planning and administrative close by amending the residential inclusion very affordable housing program, changing the name of the program to the affordable inclusion very affordable housing program and to require all project applicants to pay the affordable housing fee unless they are eligible for an alternative and making other amendments to the program. commissioner chiu: roll-call vote please. >> on item 20, alioto-pier aye. avalos aye. campos aye. chiu aye. chu aye. daly aye. dufty aye. elsbernd aye. mar aye. maxwell aye. mirkarimi aye. there are 11 ayes commissioner chiu:chiu this portent -- there are 11 ayes. commissioner chiu: this ordinance is finally passed.
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item 21. >> i have an amendment as a whole that has been distributed by the court. language has been added to clarify that only projects of 50,000 gross square feet or more, including city projects, are subject to the child care feasibility study requirements, and on page 5, language has been added to clarify the responses of all projects subject to the requirements of the ordinance must consult with the department of children, youth, and their families in preparing the feasibility study, so i asked if this amendment as a whole could be adopted and if the matter would be before us for first reading. commissioner chiu: supervisor dufty has made a motion to amend. without objection, the amendment is adopted. if we could take a roll-call vote on this ordinance on a first read as amended? >> alioto-pier aye. avalos aye.
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campos aye. chiu aye. chu aye. daly aye. dufty aye. elsbernd aye. mar aye. maxwell aye. mirkarimi aye. there are 11 ayes. commissioner chiu: this ordinance is passed on first reading as amended. >> item 22 is a resolution commending the presidential inclusion very affordable housing program. commissioner chiu: same house, called? this resolution is finally passed. item 23. >> ordinance amending the san francisco environment code to require any person who produces a drug offered for sale in san francisco to produce a bit in
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approved drug storage program for the collection and disposal of unwanted drugs from residential sources. commissioner mirkarimi: i appreciate your indulgence over the last several weeks. i have reported back to you that instead of advancing the legislation at first for a vote, which we know we have the votes for at the time, we had decided to work alternatively with the mayor's office and the department of the environment to help us bring together representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. as i had reported to you, we have had some very constructive meetings, by a particular with one association known as pharma, which represents a sizable consortium of pharmaceutical manufacturers, many that are based throughout the united states national and multinational. very strong lobbying arm. we have managed to get to a
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place where one of the representatives has offered upwards of about 100 or $110,000, based on the proposal that we have asked for in order to implement what we think would be an effective pilot, they have fallen considerably short, and when we asked retail operators like safeway or walgreen's, who are the principal players with regard to the largest orbit of players that sell pharmaceuticals, we need them at the table, and they just have not been there, so i want to thank the mayor's office, the department of environment, the sentences the police apartment, the department of public works, and the puc for coming together for trying to craft what we think would be a strong alternative, but the
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pharmaceutical industry just has not really come together in a robust way, as we had hoped for. with that said, maybe they will think about it, but i'm not so sure that they will because based on their track record in other states where they have spent millions of dollars to defeat the state legislature to do the very thing that we are trying to do here today, we thought that our proposal is quite frankly extremely modest as it was and is, and would seem less threatening, but still, they are reacting with the same kind of ferocity as they have in state government to make sure that a simple take back drug disposal program where it is a bucket with a lid and it is regulated would be administered, and to try to block us from doing that i think is just unconscionable. your support would be appreciated. commissioner chiu: thank you. any additional discussion?
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why don't we take a roll call vote on this item. >> alioto-pier no. avalos aye. campos aye. chiu aye. chu know. daly aye. dufty no. elsbernd no. mar aye maxwellaye aye -- mar aye. maxwell aye. mirkarimi aye. commissioner chiu: this ordinance passed on first reading. >> item 24 is an ordinance appropriate and approximately $2.4 million of visitation valley infrastructure fee revenue and placing approximately $1.2 million on reserve. commissioner chiu: roll-call vote. >> alioto-pier aye. avalos aye.
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campos aye. chiu aye. chu aye daly aye aye chu aye aye -- chu aye. daly aye. dufty aye. elsbernd aye. mar aye. maxwell aye. mirkarimi aye. the next item authorizes the planning department to accept and expend a grant in the amount of $250,000 from the california department of transportation for the chinatown broadway streetscape improvement program designed plan and amending the budget to add for the planning department. commissioner chiu: same house, same call? this ordinance is passed on first reading. >> item 26 is an ordinance authorizing the planning department to accept and expend a grant in the amount of
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$250,000 from the california department of transportation for the central corridor of growth strategy and design plan and amending the annual salary ordinance fiscal year 2010-2011 to add a limited duration planner in the department. commissioner chiu: same house, call? the ordinances passed on first reading. >> item 27 is a resolution authorizing the master lease of the windsor hotel at 238 ne street for the department of public health. commissioner chiu: the resolution is adopted. next item. >> item 28 is a resolution approving amendment no. 1 to domestic terminals food and beverage lease with laurie steiner international -- lori's diner international. item 29 is a resolution approving and authorizing an agreement for purchase and sale of real estate to obtain two permanent, exclusive, subsurface
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easements from cargill inc. for the purpose of constructing the same -- san francisco public utilities commission water system improvement program. commissioner chiu: the resolution is adopted. >> item 30, authorizing the director of public works to execute an amendment to a professional construction management services agreement for the san francisco general hospital rebuild program. commissioner chiu: this resolution is adopted. >> item 31 is a resolution approving the two specialty store lease. >> colleagues, same house, same call? this item is approved. if you could call items 32 and 33. >> 32 is a resolution authorizing an amendment to the public utilities commission contract for sunol valley regional construction management servicesitem 33 is a resolution
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authorizing an amendment to the public utilities commission for a regional construction management services in an amount not to exceed $4 million for a total agreement not to exceed $26 million to fund restoration services. >> these resolutions are adopted. >> if you could call item 34 and 35. >> it is an ordinance revising the local business ordinance to increase minimum competitive amounts to 400,000 and make other clarifications. item three5 is an ordinance defining amounts for commodities contracts and 400,004 contracts and making other changes.
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supervisor chu: >> the items are very similar to legislation that came before the board in february. these continue to clarify some of the definitions of around legislation and also ensure is that we have a good process going forward. -- ensures that we have a good process going forward. i want to thank the coalition for working with us on these amendments today. i have a small amendment today. currently for item 29, line sectarian -- line 13, it actually should be referring to section 14d, so it is a small
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technical amendments that would not require a substantive way. >> supervisor chu has made amendments to ordinances seconded by supervisor avalos 3 without objected, those are made, and if we can take the underlying items. these ordinances are passed on the first meeting as amended. next item please. >> item 36 is an ordinance amending the planning code to require other uses in the special use district. >> this ordinance is passed on the first reading. >> item 37, resolution finding of the california health and safety code with consenting of payment funds in the amount of
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$7.3 million for rehabilitation of the building in the hunters' park shipyard redevelopment area. >> this resolution shall be adopted. it is now slightly after 3:00. we have four special orders at 3:00. i know there are many members of the public who have come for those. i would like to propose that we can allow of city staff to do some work. we head to the second 3:00 item, which is the mayor, and then i would suggest we proceed to our 2:30 special order and then to 3:00 regarding redevelopment and then regarding seniority. supervisor dufty: i wonder if there is any way to find out how
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many people want to testify puree did >> members of the public, and -- to testify. >> members of the public, if you could raise your hand if you are here to testify. let me ask region in supervisor daly? -- let me ask -- supervisor daly? supervisor daly: >> let me ask how many. supervisor dufty: i would imagine that the speakers would be willing to take perhaps one minute if we could have that as an agreement and allow that to move expeditiously, because there are a lot of people.
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president chiu: unless there is any objection, why don't we head to the dunlap matter and then the mayor issue followed by redevelopment and then security. madam clerk, if you could call items -- the reason we are trying to juggle this is there are many people here for these items, and we are trying to do it as expeditiously as possible, and with that, call item 40 through item 42. >> there the board of supervisors sitting for a public hearing of persons interested in are objecting to the appointment of mark dunlap to the board of directors. item 41 is the motion approving the appointment to the treasure island board. item 32 is rejecting for the unexpected portion of the term
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ending february 26, 2012. >> unless there are an initial comments, why don't we proceed? if you have any comments? supervisor daly: i know there is a busy calendar, but this issue has been for a number of years. it involves residents having a direct recommendations. i have known commissioner dunlap for a number of years and respect his contributions. i wanted to make sure we have this hearing for the treasure island communities and also for the other communities so they have the right to come and talk about treasure island issues and hopefully are forwarding a
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strong treasure island for the development authority, so when the commissioner speaks, i would be interested in his take on residence issues, both long term development and from a day today perspective as well. >> why don't we open of the hearing for the potential here it -- the of head -- potential adoption. we will start with the first speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is tom brennan. i am the deputy secretary for the resident association.
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these aren't 501 c4 and c3 corporations to promote our interest in development of treasure island. we support mark dunlap, and i am here to recommend that. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon. i am a resident for the last eight years, and i am also a member of the advisory board for treasure island and your vote away not island. i am very much -- and year balbuena -- yerba buena island. he has been an active residence, and we work on these
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new additions. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am a six-year resident of the yerba buena island. i support the appointment of mark dunlop. for the first time in all of treasure island's development of doherty activities, yerba buena island will have a voice. i think he has been the only one who has given voice to the people there. they are two separate communities. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> thank you for letting me show my support. my name is rebecca lee.
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mark dunlop has the background that can support what we need as citizens of both your balbuena -- yerba buena and treasure island. it is important for us to be heard and express support. >> next speaker. >> we are very much in support of mr. dunlop's appointment. he will represent the community and represent it well. his long experience will serve the community well. thank you very much. president chiu: next speaker please.
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>> commissioner? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am speaking in behalf of the appointment of mr. dunlop. i served over 10 years ago ananda planning council appointed by the former mayor willie brown, and we have become good friends, and i hand the opportunity to serve on the human rights commission. mr. dunlop comes with a lot of qualifications, and also he is a resident. he is also living with a disabling condition as well as an active voice in the city, so i think with those qualifications, i could not think of somebody more qualified to sit on this board, so i am
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fully in favor of it. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i recently retired from the human rights commission. i worked with mark dunlop for many years. i thought he was one of the best commissioners, very smart, and i have talked with him quite a bit about treasure island and its development. i do not want it to be a playground for the rich. i wanted to be an enhancement of the neighborhood it is. markdown not now agrees with that. i trust in and think he will make a terrific addition to the transportation authority. >> my name is kevin chain. i am a lifelong san franciscan. i am coming here to support mark dunlop. he has offered himself to the
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city in numerous positions, from the h r c to the board, and i want to enthusiastically support him in light of his many years of service to san francisco. thank you. >> next speaker? >> supervisors, it must be noted that in future before the rules committee, we need somebody from treasure island, a resident. for some reason, our mayor did not think in a manner where people are represented, so with this representation, they will have a good representation. thank you very much.
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>> are there any members of the public who wish to speak for this item? this item is closed. supervisor daly: before we close can we hear from mr. dunlop? >> absolutely. if i could ask mr. dunlop to come up. >> thank you, mr. president. i am here today to hopefully be approved as a member of the treasure island development authority. i live there. i love the area. i am very excited about the plan. it is a very complex plan. i am coming into this 10 years after the start, but i have lots of experience, having been on the redevelopment agency during the time of mission bay and also during the beginning of the hunters point shipyard.
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the most important function is to be a neighbor and provide leadership in my neighborhood and to help people through this incredibly sometimes difficult transition stage, which i think that is when the most important functions of the neighborhood member of the board. i know you have received information on me, and i would hundley ask for your approval. >> any questions -- i would hopefully -- humbly ask for your approval. >> any questions? may we close the hearing? this hearing has been closed. items 31 and 32 are in the hands of the board. supervisor dufty: i make a motion for 41 and tabling item 42. >> second. >> supervisor dufty has made a motion


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